Bet You Didn’t Know …

I’ve been feeling a little stuck lately. Either I’m stuck at home without a whole lot of mental stimulation (love you, Alli, but you’re three), or I’m stuck in a crazy balls-on-the-chair schedule (click it! you’re welcome!) with little to no time to even think about a post. Either way I’ve been feeling stuck. So just for a little writing exercise I’m using someone else’s idea … enter Mama Kat! I’m linking up for her “Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop!”

So here, for your viewing pleasure (I hope) and in honor of our recent anniversary, are Six Things You Didn’t Know About Me & My Husband That Should Have Spelled Doom for Our Marriage!

  1. We met and fell in love on a Navy base that no longer exists. Orlando, Florida is a FUN place to live (ahhh, the memories!), but it’s a ridiculous place to send a bunch of 18- and 19-year-old kids for one of the hardest schools the Navy offers.
  2. Did I mention we were both dating other people when we first met? Yes, he was dating (and very serious about) his high school sweetheart, and I was seeing (and not serious about at ALL!) a hot Puerto Rican lifeguard I’d met at Disney the summer before. (Ahhh, the memor… Wait! Never mind …)
  3. Neither Josh nor I finished the school we were attending. Yep, drop-outs, the both of us. (I did mention that it was one of the hardest schools the Navy offers, right? Plus, as you know, I have the attention span of a fruit fly …)
  4. Our first date was a group date, and Josh didn’t even ask me out. His good friend, Tury, asked for him. (Josh will shake his head and deny this. Tury? Care to weigh in?)
  5. On our third (I believe…) date, I broke my tailbone. Get outta the gutter! It was an accident, that Josh sorta kinda caused, that spelled the beginning of the end of my Navy career.
  6. We began our first of many Navy-induced separations three months after we began dating … and we didn’t make it. We broke up just a few short months later. Luckily, fate and my granny brought us back together before too much time passed, and the rest, as they say, is history!

So there you have it! Can you BELIEVE we’re still together?!? Well, we are, and just a few weeks ago, we celebrated thirteen wonderful years of marriage! Happy anniversary, Babe! Here’s to MANY MANY more!



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