Navy Wife Confessions

I have confessions to make. Do you?

Some (lots) of Navy families are really big on the red, white, and blue of it all in their homes. Anchors, “my sailor” quotes, flags, submarines. Hail to the Americana! In fact this morning on Facebook, I asked if it was too early to hang my 4th of July wreath. Within minutes I had three comments saying red, white, and blue is their year-round norm!

This is the project I'm trying to recreate! Looooove Pinterest!
Love this!


Me? I don’t have a single anchor in my house … I don’t have any lighthouses either … I am working on a flag craft right now (the pic above), but it’s just for 4th of July, and then I’ll pack it away again …Β In fact, the only Navy decor in the whole place are Josh’s awards and such, and even most of those are packed in boxes. Β I like blue … I have lots of blue things … And I have red hair and far too many white walls … does that count?

Now that the world knows, will I lose my Navy wife card?

Be honest. If you’re a Navy wife, how much Navy stuff or Americana do you have in your house? Am I the lone non-patriotic ranger?

Come on … confess … πŸ˜‰



12 thoughts on “Navy Wife Confessions”

  1. I always try to put anchor or navy stuff but Chris always vetoes it 😦 I think he liked to come home and not have to think about work.


  2. Lol….I never had any Americana in my home until recently. Not really Navy stuff but the Pledge, flags, and some decor. It all started with a trip to of all places….The Christmas Tree Shop. They had so many items that could be up year round. So when we bought the new house I ran with it…red sofa and all. For Christmas this year I finally ditched the 80’s Tea Rose Pfaltzgraff dishes for red white and blue Fiesta Ware….Love it! Now if only I could find some window coverings to match without going overboard. By the way I still love reading your posts. You have a gift of engaging the reader. Such fun!


    1. Man, I miss the Christmas Tree Shoppe! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for reading, Deanna! I just write cause I like to write, but I love hearing others enjoy it as well! πŸ™‚


  3. We have always had a nautical beaches theme through the house but not red white and blue. I’m assuming that for the prolonged future we will always live by the ocean so it feels like it fits nicely. Plus I just like the beachy feel in my house. We do have a few American flags in the house but almost every single one of them was given to the kids at either a rac, parade or ceremony B has been in so even though they are all identical mini American flags Madison likes them. All the walls of our staircase are lined with framed certificates and photos of B’s past subs- it’s his ‘me’ hallways.


    1. I like a beach-y look. I have a bit of that scattered, but it’s not because of being a Navy family. It’s because I DREAM of a little cottage on the beach where I can have my morning coffee with my toes buried in the sand ….


  4. We don’t. My husband does not want to look at that stuff when he comes home. As a matter of fact when he leaves the ship, he basically runs, lol.


    1. That said, I decorate like crazy for every holiday so I have lots of stuff going up for the 4th. πŸ™‚


  5. We used to have more Americana/Nautical around the house. Then with each move, it became more and more condensed so that I only had a Americana bathroom. Now I have bits and pieces of it here and there, but my house has become more of a country collect all. No real theme, just little bits of here and there and all of it very me. Steve’s love me wall isn’t even fully up and this is the house we’ve lived in the longest of his whole career.


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