(I’m Annoyed by) You Friday

So titled because the other, more alliterative, title I thought of wasn’t very appropriate …

Only one annoying thing today, and I’m gonna catch heat for it. But it’s very early, and I’m way annoyed.

Dear Sun in Washington,

(I’m Annoyed by) You. (Read the italics at the top; you’ll get it.)

Nine months a year you go on vacation, leaving everyone in this state in a perpetual state of gray skies and gloom. It sucks. People get depressed. People have to buy special light bulbs. People loooong for the sun.

And then you come back for the summer … with a vengeance. Don’t get me wrong … I LOVE YOU, SUN! But, why oh why, do you have to come back in full force for 20 hours a day?!? This wreaks havoc with my three year old’s sleep schedule (and therefore mine as well). In fact it messes all of us up. Today I dragged my butt out of bed at 6:30am, exhausted and sore, to see all THREE of my children wide awake. At that hour there should only be one child awake. The oldest, who leaves for school a few minutes later. We talk a little, laugh a little. It’s quiet, and we like it that way. But when the sun rises at 2AM (I’m guessing … I’m totally not up then), the other kids wake up, too. And then it’s not quiet. And then Yo Gabba Gabba shorts come on TV, and my brain begins to leak out of my ear.

And it doesn’t end there because you don’t even begin to set until around midnight or something . This leads to a lot of disbelief and mistrust from kids the state over because bedtime is supposed to be when the sun goes down, right? But it doesn’t go down at a normal time here. You stay up especially late, which to be honest is kind of awesome in the summertime when bedtimes aren’t as strict. When school is still in session though … it’s a pain in my … (you get my point).

Sun, man, you know I love you, but would it be possible to come to some sort of compromise? Maybe take those extra hours of summer daytime and crack ’em open in February when we all really need to see you. That way the kids will wake up and go to bed when they are supposed to, family relations will be restored, and I will be a happy girl once again. Good? Yes? Please …

At least just think about, kay?

Love you lots(but not before 6am),



3 thoughts on “(I’m Annoyed by) You Friday”

  1. I’ve heard it can be tough up there with the seasons, but trust me…we all have our issues with the sun.

    Down here in Texas? We had over 100 days of temps over 100 a couple of summers ago. Last summer wasn’t much better. And it’s barely June and I’ve broken a sweat everyday this week.

    And that will go on through at least October.

    No fun. No fun at all. =)


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