Vacations vs. Submarines

Heading into our third summer in Washington, I dreaming of a week in the sand with my family. I want a nice room, possibly with a view, some sunshine, and SEVEN uninterrupted days with my husband and my daughters.

I want this.


Chances are … it ain’t happening.

See, the thing with submarines is their schedules are … let’s say … unpredictable. And they are classified. Double whammy. Add in all the training that has to take place between patrols, and you’ve got yourself a three-strikes-and-you’re-out situation.

Some spouses will tell you they plan vacations regardless of their sailor’s schedule, which is GREAT if that’s okay with both of you, but for me … well … it just isn’t. Don’t get me wrong! We don’t just sit home moping for months at a time while he’s gone, but if there’s a single shred of a chance that he will be home, I want to be in the general area. However, since I have no idea when those single chances will be this summer, well … my vacation planning stalled a bit lately.

But if you know me at all, you know down is not out, and stalled isn’t the end! SO I have a new game plan for the summer. Instead of planning a week’s worth of sand and sun, I am planning mini-adventures, and I’m making a list (anyone shocked by that?) of fun day trips or weekend getaways that the girls and I can either enjoy with Josh if he’s home or head out on our own if he isn’t.

The hunt is on for off-the-wall, can’t-just-do-THAT-everyday experiences …

So far our plans will include a giant hedge maze, a beach hike to a hole in the wall, and possibly a trip to a rain forest. I’m sure the list will grow as the summer progresses, and I’ll share as much as I can here.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a little Mary Sunshine, but not so much as to believe my mini-adventures are equal to my week-in-the-sand dreams, but they are what might fit into the schedule for all of us. And really I guess the most important part of my dream vacation is the “my husband and my daughters” part, right? I would love to see some sand, but I trade it all for a few days with my family all together again!


3 thoughts on “Vacations vs. Submarines”

  1. In some ways, I think day and weekend trips can be better. You are probably much more skilled at packing and unpacking than I am, but for me, it’s exhausting to get ready to be gone for a week (or more), and it’s exhausting to come home after having been gone that long. With day trips you get to do the fun stuff without all the other parts, like driving in a car for 14 hours. It sounds like you’ve found some awesome stuff to do – I would love to find a giant hedge maze near me!


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