Back on Land

He deploys, and I make a life back on land.

Navy Wife Confessions


I have confessions to make. Do you?

Sometimes (every single time) … when Josh goes out to sea … I feel …


Yes, I miss him. Yes, I’m sad. But mostly … I’m relieved.

Our normal schedule can get a little crazy (three kids in three different schools, after-school activities, playdates, FRG, COMPASS, and … ya know …feeding the family and cleaning and stuff). When you toss in a pre-deployment schedule (never knowing when he’s coming home, shopping for enough crap for three months, making halfway boxes, calendar squares, honey grams, holiday packages, writing everyday letters, checklists, ID’s, etc.), things get hectic to say the least.

Once he actually leaves the pre-deployment stress is gone. Of course then I take on the doing-it-all-by-myself stress, but just for a moment, for a few blissful days, I sit back and relax. Ahhh, sweet sweet relief …

 photo IMG_20130520_202748_zps87e1c6a1.jpg

“Take a picture of our sleeping faces, Mommy!” (Ignore my double chin … the camera added ten pounds … to my neck …)

So00 … anyone else want to make a confession? You can post them in the comments or email me at!

***The COMPASS Mentor in me couldn’t end this post without saying feeling sad, lonely, angry, or relieved are all perfectly normal when a spouse deploys! Feel your emotions; just don’t let them get the better of you and your marriage. For more information about the Cycle of Deployment, click here for a pretty decent explanation!***


10 thoughts on “Navy Wife Confessions

  1. I enjoy only having to clean up after myself and be able to watch what I want without my husband mocking me ( I like reality TV ). Deployment has perks lol


  2. My confession? I like when I’m home alone. After being single for 9 years then remarrying (the man of my dreams with a sweet, sweeet daughter), I still like to have my time alone.

    With the TV.

    Or with the computer.

    Or with some silence. Or some rocky road ice cream. Or some macaroni and cheese made the way “I” like it.

    Don’t tell anyone.


  3. I hated all the stress leading up to them leaving and always felt better once they pulled out. I enjoyed the first few weeks and was always ready to have him home again when he returned:)


  4. I can totally relate with the “relieved” feeling when they leave. I’m relieved I’m not long counting down and stressing about him leaving. That I’m finally counting down to him returning. But the stress level without him far exceeds that and I want him back. NOW, lol.


    • I think my stress level goes uuupppp and doooownwwwnnn depending on how long he’s been gone and how long til he gets home. 🙂 I do agree about the NOW part!


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