Jodi, the Vacation Hunter

Planning a vacation is one of my favorite things in the world! Actually planning anything is my idea of a good time, but vacation planning is the best! According to my oldest daughter, I’m so good at it I could have my own show…

Me: So far I’ve found two vacation options. The first is a lovely spot within walking distance of the ocean. Nice! The beach is all I really want to do anyways.We can spend most of our time in the sand, but it’s a resort so there’s also lots to do in the evenings or in case it rains. There’s a restaurant on site, too, but this place is the most expensive choice so we’d probably eat most of our meals in our cottage. It has a full kitchen so that’d be no problem.

Aubrey: That sounds pretty good.

Me: The other option is a place up north. We would stay in a cabin so it’d be sort of like camping. We could cook our meals over the fire, do a little hiking, enjoy some outdoor time and outdoorsy stuff … and it doesn’t really get too hot here in Washington, so it’d be nice, right?

(At this point Aubrey started laughing hysterically.)

Me: What?

Aubrey: You sound just like that show! The one where they’re selling houses and give them three options?!?

ME: Ha! House Hunters! I love that show!

(Then it dawns on me what my teenager just said …)

Me: So what you’re saying is I’ve given you the lovely-but-probably-too-expensive option and the cheap-but-crappy option, and now you’re waiting to hear the affordable-AND-enjoyable one…

Sigh, gotta love my kids … 🙂


2 thoughts on “Jodi, the Vacation Hunter”

  1. Sounds like your kids know you pretty darn well!

    Going to DC/NYC next week. Care to plan? A little? Something? Anything? I’m super excited but not a planner.

    I’m sure the fam will loathe me by our return flight.


    1. Ooohhhhhh, NYC! I’d plan it in a heartbeat! Take a boat trip around the city instead of trying to fight the lines/security to see the Statue of Liberty. Make sure to get that perfect photo in Times Square. Spend an afternoon in Central Park! There is a castle, a puppet theater, a million playgrounds, and wide open field space that begs for a picnic and one those pictures from above with everyone laying heads-in in a circle. 🙂 Make sure to eat in Little Italy and do a little knock-off shopping in China Town. GAH! I could go on and on and on! I super big fluffy heart NYC, and I hate that we are an entire continent away! 🙂


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