Hello, June!

I’ve missed you! You probably think I say this to all the months, but YOU are truly my favorite. Why? Because you herald my favorite season of all …


So real summer is near the end of you …

So we still have a few weeks of school to attend …

I don’t care! Now that you are here, June, I officially declare it summertime!

Already we’ve celebrated you with a picnic, a dinner outside on the porch, and a cookout, and you’ve only just gotten here! I think this bodes very well for you, my friend!

So, June, in your honor I created a little subway art this weekend! I cannot wait to have it printed and hung in my kitchen! It’s my little “summertime checklist,” and to kick things off, we also already checked one farmers market visit off the list! WOOHOO!!!


So, June, thank you for finally getting here, and tell your friends July and August we’re excited to see them, too!



P.S. Tell September to stay home. We are SO not ready for that guy yet …


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