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Bad Mommy Moments

On an average basis, I think I’m an okay mom. I’m not exactly Martha Stewart in the kitchen or June Cleaver in pearls and kitten heels, but I do okay. I keep ’em fed, wash their clothes (most of the time), and make sure they get to school with everything they need. I am trying to teach them cook and clean and all those other things I think every kid should know. I try to make school fun and summers amazing. In short, I try.

But there are many places where I fall short. One that I noticed today is photography.

Ugh. I stink at taking pictures. On Saturday, my family went to an FRG picnic and hike on base. There was lots of food, and the sun was shining. Lots of our friends were there making the park even more lovely than usual! I even brought my little camera hoping to snap some great pics!

I took ZERO pictures. Unless you count this one …

blank polaroid1

Saturday evening we kicked off summer (it’s June; it counts) by eating a delicious dinner outside! The blackberry bushes in the backyard are lush and beautiful … a perfect photo backdrop, right? 

ZERO pictures. Except …

That wold be grilled chicken, corn-on-the-cob, and garlic bread ... possibly floating in the aforementioned lush blackberry bushes ...
That would be grilled chicken, corn-on-the-cob, and garlic bread … possibly floating in the aforementioned lush blackberry bushes …

Yesterday, a few of us went to the Farmer’s Market in Bremerton for the first time. It was another sunny, beautiful day, and all of the booths looked just lovely! In about 45-minutes of browsing, I managed 2 snapshots. My kids are only in one of them (which I’ll share tomorrow) …

Finally, yesterday afternoon we spent a few hours with friends, eating, laughing, and roasting marshmallows! We had a great time!

Wanna guess how many pictures I took? (Here’s a hint: guess looooooow.) (I didn’t attempt to “re-create” this one. You’re welcome, ladies.)

I don’t know what my problem is! I don’t have one of those fancy cameras that weighs a ton and has twenty interchangeable lenses, but my point and shoot takes pretty good shots and is waaaaaay more portable. I carry a purse at all times, and my little Cybershot slips right in so I almost always have it. The battery is pretty good, and my memory card holds more pictures at once than I will EVER take at one event. What’s the problem?!?

The problem is me. I forget. Every. Single. Time. I am in the moment, enjoying whatever we are doing so much that I forget all about capturing it all for posterity. Which is a PRETTY GOOD excuse for not taking pictures, but it doesn’t change the fact that our photo albums are pretty bare. I mean, in twenty or thirty years, we’ll have some pretty great family memories, but if we want to share any of them with new family members we’ll just have to describe it in long, excruciating detail …  from memory … yikes.

So since I’ve already forgotten what my New Year’s Resolutions were, I’m making a June Resolution to take more pictures. We have so many milestones this month (like one kid leaving junior high and one leaving elementary) and so many fun plans (like a midnight movie sing-along and a Summer Solstice sleepover) that it’s sort of now or never.

So if you see me, camera in hand, please bear with me. I’m trying.

And if you see without my camera, please remind me to pull it out. It’s either that or look forward to years of excruciatingly detailed blog posts and very poorly drawn Polaroids from MY memory (*shudder*) … it’s your choice. Make it a good one.

Do you have Bad Mommy Moments? Or am I the only one? Comment below … please!


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