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Blue Star Museums

As a Navy wife and mom of three, I truly appreciate the military discounts that many restaurants and retailers offer! I’ll never forget the day, during my oldest daughter’s Aeropostale phase, that I found out they offered a 10% discount for military families! I was both ecstatic (woohoo! savings!) and a little depressed when I did a mental calculation of what I could have saved if I had known before (we’re talking about a car payment or so …. no lie …). Needless to say, I got some serious mileage out that discount thereafter.

However my favorite military discount program by far is Blue Star Museums. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, over 2,000 museums give free entry to active duty military and their dependents. The 2013 list came out on May 21st. I love this program soooo much that I’ve been waiting for it for about two months now! As a family of five on a single income budget, museum fees can get a little pricey, but this program opens up a world of art and beauty to us!

To truly take advantage of this opportunity, here’s my list of Blue Star Museums to visit this summer:

  • Seattle Art Museum
  • Puget Sound Navy Museum (Always free, but we just haven’t seen it yet.)
  • The Museum of Flight
  • Tacoma Art Museum
  • The Museum of Glass

Hopefully, we can get started on our list soon, and hopefully I will be able to post about all our Blue Star Adventures! Do you have any Blue Star plans this summer?


4 thoughts on “Blue Star Museums”

    1. I love this program so much! Even though some of the museums aren’t too expensive, we are a family of five … it can add up QUICKLY!


  1. Sure hope you get to the Museum of glass and post pics. I loved when we went to Seattle and got to watch the glass blowers.


    1. It’s definitely on the list! I have no idea if we are going to get a vacation this year, but we’re planning on spending a lot of time in Seattle! 🙂


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