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Navy Wife Confessions

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I have confessions to make. Do you?

When the surface ships pull in, and they have all their news coverage and signs and banners and hoopla, I am sooooo happy for all those families!

Photo approved for release by JO1 Carla Morton, Fleet Public Affairs Center, 757-444-4199 ext. 319


But I am also really freaking JEALOUS!!!

On boomers, we don’t know when they are coming home. Arrival is classified so there’s no photographs or newspaper articles. Having a pier-side homecoming is such a HUGE security undertaking that it nearly never happens, and when it does, it’s nothing like what you see in the movies. There’s not a lot of space to move about. The one bathroom is scary, and you need an escort to go to it. Plus because this is Washington, there’s 99% chance that it will be rainy and cold anyways.


Surface spouses, I love ya, and I soooo glad to see your happy pictures, and I celebrate your homecoming, I really do.

I just wish we have a tiny tiny bit of that in our community … 😦

So00 … anyone else want to make a confession? You can post them in the comments or email me at!


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