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Counting Down

Even though we never really know when Josh is coming home, we often like to count down to homecoming is creative ways. It  helps the kids (and me) to have a date to focus on (even though I know it’s likely to change again and again). Here are a few of my favorite countdown ideas from around the internet!


These Countdown Blocks from NolasCrate are adorable. You could probably make them yourself, but the price is so good, I’d probably just rather buy them!


Of course, sometimes you just have to keep it simple! This countdown chain from Gallamore West is simple enough for the littlest ones to make (and easy for mom to add or remove links near the end to avoid confusion and tantrums)!


I love this frame a lot … like A LOT A LOT! So much I think I’ll make one for my bedside table that says “# Days Until My Heart Comes Home.” (Found here on Pinterest with no link back.)


Found here, this particular version has been sold, but she does take orders. Plus it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to DIY your own version!


Another great idea without much of a link (and also mentioned by my friend, Tiffany, in the comments here), this may be one of my favorite idea. I like that this has you counting both ways!It’s always great to know how many days there are left, but I think it’s an awesome lesson to show our kids (and a good reminder for us, too) of how far we’ve come!

I hope you like these ideas! Happy Counting Down!

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Now before I get any lessons on OPSEC, I am well aware the counting down to a submarine’s homecoming is technically taboo. Any countdown’s we have done are done privately within our own home, and I have had many, many, many talks with my kids about when and where it is appropriate to talk about dad’s homecoming. Aubrey and Sydney are well aware of the rules and the dangers that lie in that very special information. As for Alli, she’s 3. I could tell her it was in 3 days or 300 days, and she would get equally excited. I think all of us just like to be reassured that time IS passing and that with everyday we are ONE DAY closer to having Daddy home!


2 thoughts on “Counting Down”

    1. I WILL find a wide enough frame to make that! I already have the chalkboard paint and a cricket to make the vinyl letters. 🙂


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