Coffee (‘Nuff Said)

A long time ago, Aubrey and I had a very innocent conversation early one morning that has since become a part of our family lore. It went something like this.

The scene: It is early. Aubrey is three years old. Sydney is barely a few months old and not sleeping through the night yet. I am standing in front of the coffeepot silently willing it brew faster … and more … and faster.

Aubrey: Blah Blah Blah … I want … me me me … random three year old musings … blah blah blah

(I slowly put my hand up to stop the sounds coming from her face.)

Me (slightly on edge): Aubrey, what’s Mommy’s Rule?

Aubrey (in a robotic, well-rehearsed voice): Don’t talk to Mommy before she has her coffee!

Me (now closer to the edge): Do I have coffee?

Aubrey looks around, sees no coffee cup, and slowly backs away.

Aaaaannnnddd scene!

My mom happened to be there that day and was horrified. She said my rule was mean. I said it was not. Mommy’s Rule was designed to keep Aubrey safe. Aubrey is now 15 years old so I’d say it worked.

Coffee is my lifeline. It is my sanity. It’s my thing. The first cup of the day is a wake-me-up. The second cup is a little celebration. “Woohoo! You made it! You’re awake once again and didn’t kill any kids!” After dinner coffee makes me fell decadent and fancy (and at 36 years old, awake far past my bedtime). A little coffee with Bailey’s make me feel warm and fuzzy, and a cup of coffee in my hands while my toes are buried in cool morning sand is my idea of the perfect vacation (and hopefully someday the perfect everyday.)

Obviously I think about coffee a lot.

There is no real point to this post. I simply woke up thinking about coffee (duh!) and continued to think about it as the morning progressed. Now I am wondering if anyone else loves coffee the way I do. So here’s my little survey:

  1. Coffee or tea? 
  2. Do you count your consumption by cups or pots per day?
  3. Favorite kind of coffee?
  4. Does a better location increase your enjoyment?

I’m looking forward to hearing that I’m not the only one your answers in the comments below!

(P.S. If you answer tea to number one, I may have to ask you to leave my blog. Immediately. Just kidding. Kind of. heeheehee)


9 thoughts on “Coffee (‘Nuff Said)”

  1. 1. Coffee and tea…coffee has to be hot and tea has to be cold!
    2. In the cold months one cup a day is good…sometimes an extra cup if the evening is a bitter cold one.
    3. I am a foo foo coffee drinker. I have a Keurig and buy flavored K-Cups. Favorite is Wild Mountain Blueberry.
    4. Think a better environment makes everything better…with or without the coffee….LOL


    1. Okay, I’ll give you the cold tea thing. I looooooove iced tea. It’s those hot tea drinkers that I don’t trust … lol


  2. 1. Coffee, duh. Tea is for people without kids and the Brits. I also think decaf is an abomination.
    2. Depending on the day, season, and how exhausted I am 1-5 cups a day.
    3. I like flavored coffee (preferably coconut) but I can drink the regular stuff as long as I have some flavored creamer for it. Coffee is not something I like how it tastes but it gets me through the day.
    4. My morning cup on the back porch while the baby plays is awesome. The iced coffee mid day while running a gazillion errands helps me ignore the screaming child in the backseat. 🙂


  3. 1. Coffee or Tea? In the morning it’s coffee all the way and even better we have the same rule in our house. You can even ask my kids to verify! In the afternoon if I am super stressed I will drink a cup of (hot) tea. For some reason it calms me down and helps me clear my head. Sorry Jodi!
    2. I usually only have 1-2 cups unless I NEED more and sometimes there are day I need more! If I need a pick me up in the afternoon then a cup of iced vanilla is the way to go!
    3. My favorite coffee to brew myself is a Kona Blend. We used to order it online and have it flown in from Hawaii (I’m a Cali girl we are coffee snobs!) thankfully the commissary carries it now! My favorite coffee that someone else brews is Panera Bread’s hazelnut. Yummy!
    4. I think a better location is better for just about everything! I love the idea of enjoying coffee on a back porch overlooking the water while its quiet. Maybe one day right?


  4. Coffee or tea? I am most definitely a coffee drinker. I’ll drink tea when I have a cold, but otherwise it is only coffee

    Do you count your consumption by cups or pots per day? usually cups only because I use the Keurig most days. For awhile I was stacking the used pods on the counter just to keep track of my daily consumption lol

    Favorite kind of coffee? I have a couple. Kcup wise its Green Mountain Vermont Country Blend. Ground its a company I actually found in WA when we lived there called Ravens Brew. Their three peckered billy goat and the Skookum Blends are by far my faves. They cost so dang much to ship out here though that I haven’t ordered any in a long while.

    Does a better location increase your enjoyment? Oh definitely!! I loved the early mornings when we’d camp sipping on that first cup all wrapped up in blankets getting the fire going. Or sitting on the front porch of the beach house listening to the waves and sipping away. It makes me happy just thinking about it.


    1. Beachtime is the ONLY time I will willingly wake up early to drink coffee. My very best vacation memories are sitting on the porch of the beach house wrapped up in a blanket sipping on a hot cup of joe! ❤ Man, I miss the East Coast!


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