That's Navy Life

A Little Social Media

If you didn’t know … I busted my knee up a bit a while back. I’m on the mend, but still stuck in my house … in my family room … on the computer … far more than I care to admit. Woohoo. (<–sarcasm)

So I’m playing around with the old bloggy blog and a little social media.

And by “playing around with the bloggy blog” I mean expect different themes, colors, widgets, pictures, etc, but the posts will remain the same. I worked really hard on (some of) them, and they’re about the only thing I am happy with on the blog right now.

And by “a little social media” I mean a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and my own little spot on Bloglovin’ just to start. Just like Back on Land itself, they are all works in progress. Taglines may change, photos may come and go, and with any luck, content will continue to improve!

Edited to add: Back on Land is on Pinterest, too!

If you Facebook, Tweet, or … Bloglove (?), feel free to like, tweet, or follow me. And if you really love me, share me with your friends!


And done!


Like it. Share it. Leave a comment.

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