That's Navy Life

Adventures in Washington


I freely admit that Washington isn’t my favorite duty station. The weather is nine months a year of yuck. The distance I live from the ocean breaks my heart. And the drivers? Don’t even get me started!

However …

I’d be wrong if I didn’t admit we’ve had a long list of pretty amazing adventures in Washington, and when my sister visited a few weeks ago, we really added to the list.

The first picture is my bis sis, Kelly, and my little, Alli, watching the Viking Fest parade in Poulsbo. There were floats and motorcycles and marching bands galore. It rained throughout, but the parade was pretty neat anyways. Number 3, also taken at Viking Fest, was taken at the Waterfront Park in the Viking Encampment. We learned about chainmail armor and brushing wool (I don’t think I said that right …), and we met a cat so old it never woke up the whole time Alli and Sydney petted it. lol

The second and fifth photos were taken on another day in Fremont, a super cool neighborhood in north Seattle. The Fremont Troll is an 18-foot sculpture under the Aurora Bridge. It’s one of those places in Seattle that to me makes Seattle so cool! You’re just driving along, you look to your left … and there’s a giant troll crushing a VW bug . I mean, that’s normal, right?

Finally, pictures 4 and 6 were taken on the Ride the Ducks of Seattle tour. Captain Chip Ahoy took us on an amazing tour of Seattle and Lake Union! So many of the hot spots of the tour were places I’ve never even heard of! We’ve definitely added Gasworks Park and the Seattle Hard Rock Cafe to our Washington Bucket List!

We have a few more years in Washington. Some days, rainy days and lonely, missing my family days, I can’t wait to leave and be back on the East Coast, but we’ve lived this lifestyle for long enough to know that we have to enjoy the moments here while they last. After we leave here we may never again have the opportunity to experience the everyday weirdness that IS Washington!

P.S. I wish I had more pictures from our fun times with my sister. Unfortunately being on crutches and taking photos don’t exactly mix. Hopefully Adventure posts in the future will have more pics. 😦


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