I’m finding it difficult to find things to write about right now since most day’s most significant achievements are sleeping through the night, showering without falling down, and a not blowing my brains out from the tedium of children’s television. So instead of a full-on post, here are a few bits of random-ness from my week …

  1. On slow TV nights, I miss Honey Boo-Boo. (Admitting that was hard; don’t judge.)
  2. It is completely possible to vacuum my entire family room while seated in a roll-y office chair. It is also hysterical if you ask Alli. She laughs at me every.single.time.
  3. A blank schedule is depressing; an X’d out, cancelled schedule is much worse.
  4. One benefit of being sidelined is that I’ve finished about a dozen novels in the past month. (Okay so most of them were trashy romance novels, but I also re-read Little Women. That counts, right?)
  5. I can crutch or roll in my chair around the kitchen for half an hour, finish dishes, make lunch, wipe down counters, and sweep every crumb, but five minutes after I get settled and propped up back on the couch is when Alli will want a cup of milk.
  6. Online shopping is great when you get out a lot. It’s dangerous when you’re stuck at home for days at a time …
  7. I often make lists on my blogs but always in nice five and 10 increments. I never stop at bizarre numbers like seven. I am going to schedule this to post for Friday at 1pm to test my OCD … (Did I mention how bored I am these days?)

There it is! Excitement a la Jodi! (P.S. #7 is bugging me already …)

8. I woke up thinking about this list last night at 2:38 am. Through a slight Ambien-induced haze. I almost got up then to “fix” this.

9. I find some shows on Disney Jr. (especially early morning ones) downright creepy.

10. If you didn’t see these last three coming … “Hi, my name is Jodi! Welcome to Back on Land!”




1 thought on “Random-ness”

  1. I LOVE online shopping. No crowds! No Lines. But yes, I can get in trouble…

    I could not get into Honey Boo Boo at all BUT I do watch Toddlers and Tiaras, and that’s pretty bad too.


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