Homecoming Memories – And a Broken Bed

(It didn’t break THAT way so get your mind out of the gutter, but it’s a funny story all the same.)

Submarines aren’t really known for their vast living spaces or comfy sleeping quarters. The racks our boys sleep in are lovingly referred to as “coffins” for a reason. has this say about where submariner’s sleep:

“On U.S. Navy submarines, living quarters are called “berthing areas” that provide no more than 15 square feet of space per man for sleep and personal belongings. On most submarines, each crewman’s bed (called a bunk, berth or rack) has a reading light, a ventilation duct, an earphone jack for the ship’s audio entertainment system, and a curtain to provide a small (but welcome) measure of privacy. The crewmen store their clothing and personal belongings in a sturdy pan-like locker beneath their mattress.”


Having been so confined for months at a stretch, naturally when Josh gets home he stretches out and takes a lot of space. In the car on the ride home, he slides the seat all the way back. On the couch he takes up pretty much an entire side of our sectional, and in bed he sleeps like he’s superman flying through the air!

On one particular homecoming, he took the superman-thing a little too far, and when he walked in our bedroom he yelled, “I’m so glad to be home!” and took a flying leap at our bed!!!

Then there was a loud CRACK!

And then one corner fell about six inches lower the the rest of the bed.

He had completely cracked our bed frame!!!

I stood their for a minute in shock. He just stared at me (probably waiting for me to lose my freaking mind!), but all I could do was laugh! The bed wasn’t that fancy to start, and Josh looked so scared laying there staring up at me. I couldn’t be mad. We just moved the mattress over, took apart the remaining pieces, and decided sleeping with the mattresses on the floor for a while wasn’t such a big deal … and we laughed the whole time.

Homecoming memories aren’t all hugs and kisses and man-I’ve-missed-you. Sometimes they can be bittersweet. Sometimes they can even be a little sad. But sometimes your husband plays superhero-without-a-cape and breaks your bed frame and gives you a funny story for the memory book!


3 thoughts on “Homecoming Memories – And a Broken Bed”

  1. Lol that’s awesome, Chris does the opposite and sleeps like he’s still on the sub for a while taking up as little room as possible.


  2. Too funny! They never grow up! Robert also takes up the same space as on the submarine….even now after not being on one for awhile. My issue is I can’t make a bed properly because he wants his own blanket tucked under his sides and legs.


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