Deployment, navy spouse

That Awful-Amazing Day

On THAT day … near the end of a looong patrol … when I’m at my wit’s end with the kids … needing a break … needing a hug … and needing to hear his voice more than ever …

I get the call. The “he’s coming home” call.

It’s like Christmas morning when you’re five. There IS a Santa Claus!!!

It’s like the night before the first day of school … all nerves and jitters and not-gonna-sleep-a-wink-tonight …

It’s like flipping through a photo album of all the best days of your life …


It’s also like having a your very own high school mean girl living in your head … I didn’t lose weight …  All my clothes are for crap! … My hair is a hot mess!!! WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I SHAVED MY LEGS!!!!

It’s like those last minutes before a first date … I can’t wait! Do I look pretty enough? He’s so dreamy! Will he like me?

It’s like you’ve never touched a to do list … I haven’t dusted this week! I need to wash my sheets so they smell pretty! Gotta catch up on the laundry and buy all the groceries HE likes to eat!!!


It’s like that first sunny day after a long Washington winter …

It’s like that feeling you get when a sick baby’s fever finally breaks …

It’s like taking that first breath when you’ve been holding it a really long time …


It’s like every thought you’ve ever had … the good, the bad, and the ugly … crowding your head at once. It’s like watching your favorite TV show, the scariest of horror flicks, and a Nicholas Sparks movie-marathon … SIMULTANEOUSLY! It’s like being 13, 30, and a hundred and two years old all on the same day.

It’s like … no, it IS the best-worst day in the world!!!

But it’s okay … ’cause that whole terrible-amazing day can’t hold a candle to the awesome-ness of seeing him walk off that boat … worries forgotten, love swelling up, nothing else there, and nothing else matters … AMAZING


P.S He doesn’t care if you lost weight. He thinks you look beautiful. He doesn’t care if the house is clean or what’s for dinner. He’s just really glad to see you standing there, too.



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