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How do YOU do it?

Deployment sucks (I know I’ve said THAT before!), but as an adult, I can manage (most of the time anyways 😉 ).

For kids, it’s different. They don’t always REALLY understand why daddy or mommy are gone. They sometimes don’t have the verbal skills to express how they’re feeling, and more often than not, kids don’t have the emotional maturity to deal with it all on their own. That’s what WE’RE here for, right?

So today’s post isn’t so much a post as a question:

How do YOU help your kids get through a deployment?

When my big girls were little, we made countdown chains … adding and taking away days after bedtime as necessary, and having pictures of Josh and of our family around is just part of our everyday. Besides that and talking about dad and writing him letters and emails, that’s pretty much how WE do it. SO I’m curious to hear from others how they help there kids, of all ages, understand and thrive during a deployment.

You can leave your ideas in comments (clink the comment link under the title), or if you have pictures, I’d love to see them! Email me at!!!



12 thoughts on “How do YOU do it?”

  1. Chloe is too young to really even notice a difference but I have Chris record videos for her and show them to her daily 🙂


  2. We have colored beads and two jars, one labeled days to go and the other labeled days done. We move one over everyday so we can see how many days we have already made it through (really helps on bad days.) We also do the paper chain. Paul also makes the kids a halfway night box. Filled with some of their favorite goodies and $1 toys or puzzles, popcorn and a movie. We figured if daddy gets one then we should to. The kids also email daddy letters. We take pictures of everything we do and make a scrapbook and share it with daddy when he gets home.


  3. We make a few trips to the submarine museum. It helps them (Adley mostly) remember that what Daddy does is very important and pretty cool, too. I also let them sleep in my bed every now and then:)


  4. We do a jar of hugs and kisses for the kids. Each kid gets one each every evening. It’s exciting when they can see the jar getting emptier and emptier. Ed records himself reading stories for the little ones and they each get a good night video too. I celebrate days/months/halfway done with them by doing fun family activities. We do things we wouldn’t normally do and eat things Ed wouldn’t want to eat. We try and take advantage!


  5. Oh, I have a friend whose husband writes a small note for each of his kids to open every week! He gives them kudos for working so hard at school, helping mom out around the house, and helping hold down the fort while he’s gone. I think that is awesome! I just know Ed couldn’t ever write that many notes for all our kids. Lol


    1. That’s a LOT of notes! Josh leaves a few cards or letters for each girl each time, but one a week? That’s amazing! (P.S. You guys have a lot of kids. Ed would be writing FOREVER!!! 😉 )


  6. This is our first time with kids and its new construction and not a regular deployment. The ins and out and up and downs are all over the place which certainly makes it tough.

    Last month was military child month so B bought both the girls little dandelion necklaces with their names that they absolutely love.

    He recorded two hallmark storybooks that we read every night. Some nights multiple times, lol! They both each have a picture book of daddy pictures too. Z carries hers around everywhere. Just like mommy both girls have one of B’s tshirts slipped on their pillows too.

    We did the jar of daddy kisses but with no clue when he is coming home or leaving or how long he will be gone its hard to watch the jar get lower.


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