All the Small Things

I have always been a firm believer in appreciating the small things in life. A hot cup of coffee in the morning. Blackberries in my own backyard in August. A chubby three-year-old handful of dandelions picked just for mommy. I try to really savor those moments because some days it’s the small things that tip the scales on an otherwise “boo” kind of day.

I even used to blog about it. I called is “Small things Saturdays.” For a little while, I posted a weekly list of the small things that had made me smile that week. It ended rather quickly because a) I don’t like to blog on Saturdays and b) it was around the same time that the big idea for this blog began brewing my head. It was hard to remember “Small Things Saturdays” when big ideas for important future posts were swirling around in my brain.

Recently though I have been dealing with some other Big Things. I capitalized that and made it bold on purpose. My Big Things seem very big these days and imposing and, to be honest, a little scary. I worry because my knee doesn’t seem to be healing like I thought it would. I worry that I will need surgery and won’t be able to take care of the kids. I worry that I’m worrying too much!

Then this weekend Josh said to me, “I guess you just have to wait and see what the doctor says.”

I was a little taken aback. I know my guy isn’t big on words and big verbal hugs aren’t his strong suit, but come on!! I wanted to hear…

“I’m so sorry this sucks, Jodi! Everything will okay! Rest your knee! We’ll figure this out! When this happened to me …”

I mean, can a girl get a little reassurance?!? Damn it!

But when I really thought about what he’s said, it actually made perfect sense. I am worried about a surgery that may or may not happen. I am worried about a scenario that hasn’t played out yet and that I can’t control regardless. I am worried about managing Big Things that may not even be Big Things and instead should be focusing on the parts that I can control.

I can follow doctor’s orders and keep my knee elevated, test pressure as best I can, and try to work on bending it. I can keep my doctor’s appointment today and take whatever hand he deals. I can drive myself to physical therapy if need be, and I have friends and family I can call on if things get worse.

I can manage these other Small Things.

And when I sat back and really thought about that, the Big Things didn’t seem quite so Big anymore. I mean, they are still big and are still out there, but for now all I really can do is manage the Other Small Things.

Or perhaps all the Small Things.

  1. 80-degree weather in May
  2. A mini-fridge full of Diet Coke for my sister’s upcoming visit
  3. Watching Labyrinth with Sydney while Aubrey falls asleep during yet another movie
  4. Getting kisses on my boo-boo everyday from Alli
  5. A husband whose simple words brought all the Big Things  back to Small Things perspective.

Oh, wait … that last one ain’t no small thing!


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