Navy Brats

Dear Skype …

Dear Skype,

I have to tell you something. I think YOU are the best thing since sliced bread! Seriously!

I am a Navy wife and mom of three living a bazillion miles (mild exaggeration) away from home and family. In two years, I have had visitors 3 times, with 2 more visits on the books this year. I love my family for coming here, and I really wish we could go back there. However, travel is expensive; travel for a family of five is outrageous. If I had to rely on plane tickets to see my family, I would likely forget what they looked like!

But I don’t have to rely on plane tickets, because I have you! Because of you, my kids can sit down with their Grandma on a Sunday afternoon and tell her all about school and swim classes. Because of you, I can swap insults with my favorite sister face to face! Because of you, Grandma got to “be here” when Sydney blew out her birthday candles this year! Because of you my kids and theirs cousins can hop around on beds and giggle together even though they haven’t actually been together in over two years.

All because of you!

So thank you, Skype! You mean the world to me, my kids, their Grandparents, my sisters, and their cousins!

With all my love,




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