That's Navy Life

Rainbow, Sunshines, and Clouds

I haven’t posted in about a week because I don’t have much to say. My world right now is a mess of scrambling to get things done that would normally be a no brainer and asking people to do things I have never needed help doing before. So I guess I could I could say a few things, but none of them would be nice … or happy … mostly whiny … and crabby … Who wants to read that? No one. I don’t even want to write that.

But I need to write something. This blog does serve a personal purpose for me. Or at least it does as long as I am actually writing on it.

Which I haven’t been.

In a week.

So today I’m playing an old girl scout game. Rainbow, Sunshine, and Clouds. (At least I think that’s what it’s called.) If I remember correctly, while sitting in the circle each girl would share something bad that had happened that day (the Cloud), something good that had happened (the sunshine), and something that started out bad but became good (the Rainbow).

So here we go:

The Cloud: My Knee … I hate that it hurts. I hate that it keeps me from doing things. I hate that I am having to rely on so many others right now to do things I should be able to do myself. I hate that my kids are missing stuff because I just can’t get them there.

The Sunshine: I have had soooooo much help and sooooo many offers of help. It has always been difficult for me to accept help, but a) it’s a great feeling knowing that people care and b) I believe everything happens for a reason, and I think part of the reason behind this injury is that I have some lessons to learn. Accepting help is probably one of them. It has been quite an education being on the other side of the Helping Hands.

The Rainbow: Eight years ago my husband began a never-ending journey of knee injury. In retrospect, I wasn’t always as patient and kind and understanding as I could have been (that’s likely seriously an understatement). Also it used to make me so mad when he would go out and do things that over-exerted his knee. (I remember one incident of screaming across a busy ball field at my husband standing at home plate, “Are you freaking kidding me?!? Are you trying to lose a leg?!?” Not my shining moment …) My rainbow is that I now have a new and better sympathy and understanding of my man than I have ever had. And appreciation. And admiration. (How did he get up to bat just a few weeks after surgery?!?) 

So there you have it. My Rainbows, Sunshines, and Clouds for the day. I’d love to hear yours in the comments!


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