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Wordless Wednesday

I have so much on my mind today and so many things to try to get done that today’s best writing efforts so far have been a grocery list and a long list of to do’s. So instead of half-assing a written post, I decided to show you a few snapshots of how things are going lately …


Current POV … crappy knee brace and one slightly swollen and very purple foot …


Mode of transportation #1 … My armpits and my hands do not like this one …


Mode of transportation #2 – Much faster, but makes me wish we had all hardwood floors instead of carpet …


Mode of transportation #3 – NO! I do no ride in it! It’s handy for piling in laundry or toys when I need to put things away!


Command Central – I may need to stay off my feet, but my hands and ears work just fine. The two phones have been getting quite the workout, and I just don’t know what I would do without my tablet! Sadly, the two remotes have been keeping Alli entertained more than they should … 😦

You may notice all these photos were taken in the family room. I’m pretty much trapped here most of the day. I do get visitation to the kitchen and bathroom, but it’s those trips that cause the very purple foot. Boo.

Here’s hoping today’s appointment goes well and allows me to get out of this house SOON!


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