Navy Brats

My MilKids Speak

Since April is “The Month of the Military Child,” I decided to go straight to the source and ask my milkids (the older two at least) a few questions about life as a military child. Here are their answers (with a few of my thoughts in black) …

1. What is the best part of being a military kid?
Aubrey: Getting to move and see different parts of the country. 
Sydney: The best part of being a milkid is getting to meet new people and seeing new places. (Note to self: Keep seeing cool stuff with the kids.)

2. What’s the worst part?
Aubrey: Have to leave friends and family behind when it’s time to move, again. (Again. Ouch.)
Sydney:The worst thing is leaving your friends behind and you have to decide “Do you make new friends or quit making new friends so you don’t have to hurt people’s feelings? What do you do?” (Double ouch.)

3. What has been your favorite duty station and why? (To be fair, they each only really remember two.)
Aubrey: Connecticut, because it’s basically where I grew up. The close proximity to family and the friends I made.
Sydney: My favorite duty station was Groton because I knew everyone around me. (I’d like to ask this again before we leave here. I wonder if their answers would change when we’ve been in Washington for almost five years.)
4. Fill in the blank, “I’m proud of my Navy dad because …”
Aubrey: He helps defend our country and our freedom.
Sydney: I’m proud of my Navy dad because he works real hard on the submarine.
5. Why do you think military children are special?
Aubrey: Because, we’re like dandelions. We grow up everywhere whether it be in New England or in the Midwest, we’re all the same. 
Sydney: Milkids are special because they get to go to different places while other people can’t.

So as not to leave out the munchkin, I asked Alli what Daddy does for work. She said, “Umm … push-ups!” lol

There you have it. Nothing ground breaking. Just three normal kids, like any other civilians kids, but with some great experiences and a super awesome dad to boot! 🙂



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