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A Running Adventure

One of the rules of military family life (at least for my military family’s life) is “Bloom where you are planted.”  Experiencing adventures in places you’ll only call home for a short while is definitely one of the perks of living here, there, and everywhere, a perk that I will try to write about often here on Back on Land. Click the “Adventures” link to the right to check back for more pieces like this one!

My interest in running began a year ago on Mother’s Day  on one of those rare, beautiful afternoons in Seattle where the sun shines brightly and the masses venture out. And MAN did the masses, the crazy-crazy Seattle masses, venture out! People everywhere! Including more than a few in short shorts with runner’s bibs pinned to their t-shirts who looked like they’d just crashed through a rainbow.  It was odd, but odd is what Seattle does best so we dismissed the Rainbow Crashers and went about our day.

But they were EVERYWHERE! In Pike’s Place, on the monorail, and even at the Space Needle. Finally my nosiness got the best of me. I stopped one of them and asked basically “what the hell?”

“We ran the Color Run this morning! It’s a 5k fun run where they throw colored powder at you at each mile point! It was awesome!” Her enthusiasm was a little contagious. I took some sneaky cell phone pics and immediately texted them to my sister, the uber-runner, with the message, “This is the Color Run, and you HAVE to do this!”

She immediately agreed.

Then I got to thinking about it. I’d always dismissed my sister’s running hobby as boring. I mean, it’s running. Right, left, right, left. Forward march. Yawn, right? But this Color Run thing? That’s not boring at all! The Seattle Rainbow Crasher said it best.

“It’s awesome!”

And just like that I was inspired. A few days and a few hundred Google searches later, I sent my sister, the uber-runner, a very important message.

“Next year, Color Run Seattle 2013, you and me. Deal?”

To say she was enthusiastic is like saying the bright colorful Rainbow Crashers were kinda neat.

So I found a running partner, started the Couch to 5k program, and began training. Our first run hurt like a mother. Sixty seconds of continuous running seemed about as possible as growing wings and flying the damn 5k, but we kept at it. Week after week our run times increased. Nine weeks later, my running buddy and I completed the CMY5k in 32 minutes, a very nice time for a couple of moms with no previous running experience!!!!

My race high lead me to encourage more friends to begin the Couch to 5k program, and we all trained together for about a month and a half. Then school started. Then the boat came home. Then the weather turned. Basically, life got in the way, and I stopped training. Boo.

Over the next few months I barely ran. I tried to get back into it a few times, but without my running buddy (who had moved the day after our CMY5k triumph), my motivation to run was … non-existent.

Then, just two weeks ago, I found a NEW running buddy. She’s awesome (you really are, Emilee!) partially because she just IS and partially because she is very thin and much younger than me which is a great motivator! We’ve also added another runner (also awesome, young, and skinny), and I am over the moon happy to have a great group of ladies to keep me on track!

Two days ago, for the first time since I re-started my running adventure, my run felt … AMAZING! I usually feel good after, but that day it felt good while I was running. I wasn’t sucking wind (much), and I felt like I was in a groove. I maintained a good pace throughout each interval. It felt good.

In five weeks my sister, the uber-runner, will be here in Washington and will be cheering for me on as I fulfill my first running inspiration by completing the Color Run Seattle 2013 . I am not ready yet today to run a full 3.1 mile race, but after that run two days ago I know I will be. I will don my short shorts and my runner’s bib with pride, and I will jog in place at the starting line. I will take off at a sprint and then settle into a comfortable pace. I will leap and jump through the color zones, and I will celebrate like a mad woman at the finish line.

This year I will be that Seattle Rainbow Crasher, and that truly IS awesome.


4 thoughts on “A Running Adventure”

    1. Pictures will be coming, I swear! Both here and to you, love! 🙂

      (Is anyone else giggling that I have conversations via comment with my husband who is sitting three feet from me?) 🙂


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