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What Does Coughing Have to Do With It?

I’m sick today. And grumpy. Grr …

Well, I’m really just recovering from being sick. At this point it’s just a hacking cough that will.not.go.away, but it’s very annoying. Grrr …

You’re probably thinking that whining about a cough has nothing to do with Navy life, but I say you’re wrong. (Actually I say it’s my blog, I’ll whine if I want to, but that’s neither here nor there.)

So what does coughing have to do with Navy life?

Last Tuesday night I noticed a little tickle in my throat before my run, but I ignored it. After my run, I was more tired than I really should have been, but I blamed it on being ridiculously out of shape and trying to keep pace with a much younger runner. Wednesday morning, however, I woke up with a throat so sore I couldn’t swallow. Drinking my morning coffee (aka my LIFEblood) was incredibly painful as was attempting to talk and breathing. My first thought that day was, “I feel like junk.” My second thought was, “My freaking timing is impeccable!” I’m a mom and married and busy, and I am very involved with my husband’s boat’s FRG, and we have soooo much going on right now. I didn’t have time to be sick last week (or any other), but I was.


Whatever was wrong hit me so fast it scared me so I called the medical appointment line immediately. I was lucky enough to get in right away.

After painful coffee and on the way to see the doc, I somehow got the cuh-razy idea in my head, “what if I need to have my tonsils out?” (Insert mid-drive freak out here!) My tonsils felt so swollen, I felt certain the doc would want to yank them, and to quote my favorite youtube video, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

And if he did want to take my tonsils, who would take care of the kids? Josh has been working unbelievable hours lately and taking a day or two off to take care of me is completely out of the question. Aubrey has club meetings twice a week and swim class every single night. Sydney meets with her school choir two mornings and week, and Alli has to be driven to preschool on Mondays and Wednesdays. Not to mention the cooking and cleaning and grocery shopping that needs to be done constantly. Who would do all that?

I immediately started thinking of contingency plans. I can have groceries delivered, and if the surgery could be postponed to Friday, the kids would all be on Spring Break which would take care of clubs, choir, and preschool. Aubrey and Sydney are capable of most of the cleaning and definitely of kid-sitting, even if it isn’t the way they wanted to spend their vacation, and I knew our Helping Hands Committee wouldn’t let my kids starve. I was certain I could rely on a few close friends to drive me to and from the hospital if necessary. I could either re-schedule a planned FRG event or have another member swing by my house for the supplies and fill in. Some things could be printed and mailed versus a one-hour pick up. Other things might simply have to wait.

In short, by the time I reached the clinic, I had an entire schedule of help and helpers in my head for my imaginary-recovery time!

Lucky for me, the doc wasn’t concerned as I was. I was negative for strep (what a fun gag-inducing test that is) so his only instructions were to “take a few Cepacol cough drops and try to rest.” (Thanks. I feel better already.) I spent the remainder of the day either “resting,” otherwise known as comatose on my couch, or crying into a can of Chicken Soup on the Go. Boo.

Which brings us to today (I have been sucking on Cepacol for over a week now, and all that remains is a hacking cough and an annoying Lindsey Lohan voice that makes me wonder how she stands to listen to her own self) and what coughing has to do with it (finally, right?).

Even though I was negative for strep and didn’t even need a tonsillectomy, I’m still sort of proud of myself. As a Navy wife, I am used to bad things happening when my sailor is away or simply too busy protecting our country to be right by my side, and in the span of a fifteen-minute drive, after a split-second of hypochondria, I devised a plan to take care of myself, my family, and as many responsibilities as possible. I looked at my support network and quickly devised a plan to call on my resources.

And I’m not alone. I know most of my Navy wife friends could and would do the same thing in that situation, and it makes me even more proud to be a part of a such a strong, independent peer group! To say we take care of ourselves and our own really is an understatement!

So please strike the first line of this post! I am NOT grumpy. I am a proud Navy wife just thankful to have the resources and support to survive any emergency … be it imaginary or otherwise.


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