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A Lucky Starfish Kind of Day

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One of the rules of military family life (at least for my military family’s life) is “Bloom where you are planted.”  Experiencing adventures in places you’ll only call home for a short while is definitely one of the perks of living here, there, and everywhere, a perk that I will try to write about often here on Back on Land. Click the “Adventures” link to the right to check back for more pieces like this one!

A few weeks ago, on a day with no school, not much sunshine, and no Daddy in sight, the girls and I decided to get out for a little adventure. Of course what that really translates to is … the kids were fighting, Washington weather was living up to its reputation, and we were all going stir crazy being stuck inside so I decided to break us out of the house and, at only a moment’s notice, all I could think was “GET THEM OUTSIDE!”

So we visited one of our favorite local parks, a place we usually wave hello and goodbye to a submarine carrying precious cargo. On that day though we were just there to run off some energy, swing on the swings, and take a few candid photos to add to our Washington albums. Lucky for us, we arrived at low tide. Lucky for us, Puget Sound is a treasure trove of sea life, and lucky for us, my Sydney has eagle eyes and saw the beauty I might have missed.

Here’s where I stop with the yakkity yak, and just let the pictures do the talking.


Not looking at anything this time …


What do you call a group of starfish? We saw dozens that day!


Feels very bumpy …


Look at that bright purple guy! Awesome!


Not a bad view on a cloudy day … you should see it when the sun shines!

It’s days like this when living in Washington really does feel “lucky.”


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