Back on Land

He deploys, and I make a life back on land.

In the Beginning

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A great teacher once told me, “Write what you know.” So before starting this blog I asked myself two questions.

  1. What do I know?
  2. What do I know well enough to write about .. that hasn’t already been blogged about time again?

Crafting? Nope. My crafts are  more “made with love” than “anyone would want that”, and there are a hundred bloggers much craftier than me. Parenting, maybe? Being a mom of three, I know a couple of things about parenting , but then again really great Mom blogs abound on the internet. Plus with each passing day I am more and more convinced that the secret of parenting is that there is no secret. The best parents are just muddling along doing the best they can. (Though I do reserve the right to share funny kid stories here from time to time.) What about DIY? Now I do love a good “look-how-I-used-sorcery-and-spray-paint-to-turn-this-crappy-barstool-into-a-dining-room-table-for-eight” kind of story, but again there are many bloggers in blogland much more talented with said spray paint magic than I will ever be.

Stumped. Kinda.

But there is this one thing that I do know a little about. That not everyone is writing about. That you might be interested in.

You see today is the 17th anniversary of my first date with the man who would someday be my husband. At the time, we were just two crazy kids stationed together on a Naval base that no longer exists, enjoying the sunshine and a youthful romance. We fell in love and have been learning the Navy ropes ever since. It hasn’t always been port calls and amorous homecomings, but it has always been an adventure!

So to answer the question of what I know?

I know that our homecomings are nothing like the movies. I know how to write love letters to the future, and I know that checking your email a dozen times a day during deployment is the recipe for heartbreak. I know how to send my heart out to sea… and still keep up a life Back on Land.

Me & My Sailor, crica 1996

Me & My Sailor, circa 1996

I’ll be back tomorrow, but if you want to read some of my older navy wife stuff, just click the “I Wrote That, Too!” link at the top, and if you like what you see feel free to follow my blog and share it with friends! 😉


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